Below is my original story dealing with this complete loser.

There are dozens of other victims with similar stories!


On Sunday march 21st 2010 I responded to a posting on the Reno, Nevada craigslist  section for vehicles for sale for regarding  a  1951 VW car for sale (actual listing: ).

On Monday march 22nd  I was first contacted by email from address which also Showed up under the name “Anthony Joseph”. Followed by a call from a “Allen Alfiler” from the phone number (510) 992 -9353. Mr. Alfiler claimed that the car in to be sold in this add belonged to his grandfather whom had just passed away and left his estate to Mr. Alfiler.

At this time I agreed to put a $200.00 deposit down to hold the car until I could fly into Reno on Tuesday the morning of march 23rd. I booked my flight and later Monday afternoon sent Mr. a filer the deposit via western union transaction # ************* sent to Allen Alfiler at 207 Carmel St. San Pablo, CA 94806

I soon after received a confirmation that money was picked up by Mr. ALfiler at a location in San Pablo, CA. and soon got a text message from Mr. Alfiler saying that there is some confusion concerning the deposit stating that he received my money in addition to $700.00 from somebody else as a deposit on the same car. After repeated attempts to contact Mr. Alfiler with no answer, I then googled the name Allen Alfiler which resulted in me finding other warnings and complaints about Mr. Alfiler pulling the same scam on other people. you can find the other warnings here same Motive he got caught trying to sell other peoples cars!!!

Basically he takes pictures from a popular VW trade web site and posts fake adds on craigslist in the hopes that people will send deposits, he prices rare cars at very cheap prices and then scams people out of their money.

I also found Mr. Alfiler on the web site and noticed he had relatives listed on his profile so I began to email them and ask them if they know Mr. Alfiler and was able to confirm that his is a real person, and that he has warrants out for his arrest from past allegations where he has stolen checks from family members and committed check fraud.  I was told that he is the black sheep of the family due to lying, stealing, and drugs. At which time I canceled my flights to meet Mr. Afiler in Reno, NV as I could not afford to lose any more money due to this now obvious scam. I have also reported him to the Western Union Fraud department. Complaint # ******************

I am convinced that he did use his real name and address to cheat me out of money. He sometimes uses the Name Anthony Joseph (his son’s name) to commit these scams.

I certain that the stories told by his uncle and cousin are correct, they confirmed his name, sons name, address, and that he is no dummy as claimed to be when dealing with VW's.

The stories of him stealing checks from family members proves he is a total and complete piece of shit and if anyone finds this page and might be hiring him for a job or other business or personal consideration. I urge you to do your home work. Mr. Alfiler is a career criminal and should be red flagged!!!

I would hate to see someone else fall victim to his scams again. I have reported him to my local police department and to the FBI's Internet fraud division.

I have little faith that my complaints will go very far as this is most likely a civil matter, I created this web site to let the world know about my experience with this ass hole!!!

I stand by my convictions

Chad C............

Las Vegas, NV

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