It is important to note: Allen Alfiler scams mostly VW enthusiasts nation wide, However he does frequent the california area with 90's model acura integra gsr's


His adds are very easy to catch,

Very simple with little car history.

Usually states a short compelling story about why he is selling the car.

No contact info.

*8He used to put in a phone number but probably realised, thats how we were tracking him


If you think you have come across one of his scams please contact me immediately. do not tip him off or let him know you supsect he is trying to scam you.


first send me an email


then report the add to:

make sure you include the following with the report:

name: allen alfiler

ads: url of the scam add

email: he will respond to you

phone: he will tell you to call him

dollar amount: make sure you describe the add and include the dollar amount of the fake car for sale!!! also include this website as reference.





 Just a few other fake adds


1951 vw split


99 acura integra


1960 15 window microbus

Looks like he is at it again, new car, new number, new name, but i just got off the phone with his newest victim and now we have more info which is being updated


honda crv


honda del sol

We have switched focus on finding and serving this

A-hole. so if you find suspicious adds please flag them and send us the link!!!

Help us keep track of this looser, email me and i will tell you how i find his adds all over the U.S.

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